Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I was a little girl my Papa bought Bradley dolls for me. I adored them. I was always so excited when he gave me a new one. Unfortunately, they were all destroyed. The love for these dolls was renewed when I found one at a antique mall for $2.00. I was so excited, all the happy memories came flooding back. I love the detail of their faces and the beautiful outfits they wear. They are so pretty.

My friend Jenny from bought this pretty one for me. Jenny is the best!

My family and friends now keep an eye out for them. Thank you. They bring back so many wonderful memories of Papa and help me to not miss him so much.

Much love,


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Jenny S said...

Hey, that blonde one looks like me!! hahahaha! I think a girls night is in order maybe next weekend! I will let you know!